Copyright Information For The Uniform English Writing Style Guide

In recognition of the fact that civilization itself is built on the public domain (and that all works—public or private—depend on it and are composed of shared, public material), in order to emulate and create an icon of the kenotic giving between the Persons of the Trinity, and so that I—despite my fallenness—may provoke further acts of love between persons, I freely and joyfully affirm:


As described in CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication ( and to the extent possible under law, **I waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work**.

This dedication includes, but is not limited to, all material I publish with the symbol “Ø”: this symbol represents intentional dedication into the public domain. (Ø is Unicode character U+00D8 and can be typed or pasted into HTML documents directly or rendered with the character references Ø and Ø.) Such material may be used in *any way* and/or in *any kind of derivative work*.

This dedication does not include any previously and/or otherwise copyrighted and/or licensed materials. Such content is *not* necessarily in the public domain.